Booking Terms and Conditions for Swimming Courses


Thank you for choosing Babybliss swim classes and I hope that you enjoy the experience of watching your little one’s progress through the stages of swimming. Below are a few rules and regulations which will make your time with us safe and enjoyable for you and everyone else attending the classes. It is very important that you read and understand the code of conduct and terms of conditions to ensure you understand your assumption of risk. You are fully responsible for yourself and those in your care in the pool and surrounding areas including changing rooms.

Arrival at your class       

a. On arrival at the leisure club reception please ensure you sign in at reception. This is an important health and safety requirement and is for your safety


a. Two layers of swim wear must be worn at all times in the pool by the children under 3 years old, one of which is a swim nappy.

b. Children under the age of three MUST wear a swim nappy regardless as to whether they are potty trained. This is a regulation of the hotel.

c. Towels will not be provided 

d. If watching the class, please ensure that outdoor footwear is removed or shoe covers worn (these are available at reception)

e. Make up, deodorant, perfume and aftershave can all effect water and I request that these are kept to the minimum for your little one’s comfort.

f. Jewelry can be hazardous and therefore please remove before attending the lessons

Changing facilities

a. There are Male, Female and Family changing facilities available please ensure these are used and babies are not changed in the reception area.

b. Nappy bins are provided in both the male and female changing rooms, please do not throw nappies into any other bin

c. Eating and drinking within the changing rooms should be kept to a minimal and any spillages cleared up before leaving the changing room. 

d. Please try and keep to the allotted changing area with the changing rooms to allow members to continue using the area easily too.

e. All personal belongings are left at the owner’s risk

Class times

a. Class times are allocated based on age and experience of your child

b. Please keep to the allotted waiting space of the poolside to allow leisure club members to continue using the area easily.

c. Please do not enter the pool until it is your class. Please ensure that your children are safe at poolside whilst waiting for their lesson When leaving your lesson other facilities within the pool area should not be used (unless you are a member of the club).  This includes the Jacuzzi and steam rooms.

d. If you leave the class at any point please ensure the teacher is informed of your exit and return.


a. Parent and child classes require one adult per child/baby in the pool. This adult is solely responsible for the child/baby in the pool, surrounding areas, changing rooms and any other areas used during the visit.

b. Parents are responsible for the child at all times and if on poolside is important that attention is paid to the swimmer

Missed Classes

a. If you miss a class due to illness or an appointment, then make up classes maybe taken.  These have to be taken whilst you are attending a course and must be done on another day than your usual class.  If you require a makeup class, please email me and I will allocate you a space and time. Please be aware that this can only be done if there is space in the classes and we may need to look at different days than requested if not possible.

b. Missed classes cannot be refunded or transferred to a different course

Booking a course

a.   All bookings must be done before the course starts 

b. All new bookings will be taken are done so on a first come first served basis

c. All known medical conditions of attendees, must be disclosed at time of booking and kept upto date

Re-booking courses

a. Week 5 of the current course is when re booking for the new course will open

b. All re-booking has to be done before the closing date 

c. Please inform Kate of Babybliss if you are aware you would not like a place – this is vital so that the new class times can be allocated

d. All re bookings require payment before the course starts


a. Payment for any courses should ideally be done online or by card payment.  We can accept bank transfers if discussed in advance.

b. All payment must be made before the start of the course

c. If payment hasn’t been made, then a place will not be allocated to you on the course

d. Swimmers will not be allowed to attend course if payment hasn’t been made


a. Courses can be cancelled up to 10 days before the course starts and a £25 administration fee will be charged after this time no refunds will be given

b. Bookings cannot be deferred 

c. Babybliss reserves the right to request changes in times 

d. Cancellation of classes remains the right of Babybliss and only in these circumstances refunds will be offered to swimmers who are unable to attend an alternative course.

Loss and Damage

a. Any lost property found will be held in a safe place by Babybliss or the Hotel

b. Babybliss is not liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst attending the lessons


a. Do not swim if you or your child/baby has been ill with diarrhea or sickness.  48 Hrs clear is required

b. Do not swim if you have Conjunctivitis and infection of any kind


a. In the event of an emergency all swimmers will be asked to leave the pool area. Please stop what you are doing and follow direction.


a. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted during the lessons.  If on the day of your lesson, we are able to ask permission we will seek it but please do not take photographs without this permission

b. Photographs can not be taken during the underwater photoshoot sessions


a. Free parking is available at the venues however parking eye is in operation and therefore you must enter your car details at the reception. Failure to do this results in £100 fine.

b. All vehicles and their contents are left at the owner’s risk

c. Do not use the car park outside of your swimming lessons

From time to time decisions have to made which I feel are for the babies or childs best interest. Please respect these decisions even if it is not your own feeling. This remains the right of Babybliss.  Babybliss reserves the right to cancel and individuals course without refund through any incident/inappropriate behaviour.

Thank you for your co-operation.