Huntingdon – Saturday 10th-August 2024


Course Length: 8 weeks (please note, to ensure the safety of all participants it is occasionally  necessary to change course dates slightly)

Fees: Can be paid in 2 installments

Session Times: You will be notified of the session time, one week before your chosen course.

Course Location: The Delta by Marriott Hotel, King Fisher Court. Huntingdon

Please ensure you have completed the registration form on our website when booking the course as this allows us to allocate the correct course for your child’s age and ability.




You will be placed in an age appropriate and ability appropriate class


Course can be paid in two instalments. Please contact Babybliss to arrange this


Babybliss classes work with the your babies and childs  development and reflexes. Focusing on water confidence and promotion of independent movement through the water alongside survival skills. This is all done with the use of songs and toys in a safe, friendly, fun environment.

Some of the many benefits of baby swimming can be seen as:

Physiological / Developmental Benefits

  • Muscle strengthen and exercising and improved improved joint mobility.
  • Increasing lung function and stamina.
  • Promoting early co-ordination.
  • Sensory awareness.
  • Improved eating and sleeping patterns.
  • Confidence for both baby and parent.
  • Bonding between parent and baby.
  • Enjoyment for parent and baby independence in a safe environment.
  • Respect and trust is developed.
  • Communication is improved at all levels